Error Tolerance to Innovate

Submitted Fri, 04/12/2019 - 12:20
La realidad de la innovación

Innovation requires that companies have a certain tolerance for error, it is a question of assuming what innovation supposes, or of departing from innovation. Even without talking about R & D, innovation is about managing or introducing new aspects for a company, both related to internal processes, the way of doing things, to work, and related to the products or services we sell, or the way to organize.

We try to explain it constantly when we meet companies that seek to improve, from aspects of quality, improvement of the same, dynamics of problem solving, to more complex aspects of the quality itself, of studies to overcome current quality levels, of studies to know the level of quality that a process can come to give, to what is properly innovate and dynamics that facilitate the generation of ideas, their analysis, etc.

We want to highlight the article published in CepymeNews, which is a reminder on the issue of tolerance to error, an aspect that is still difficult to assume today, even in companies that intend to do new things. We do not know any company that addresses innovation and that does not make mistakes, the important thing is to learn from these mistakes, get knowledge of them (advance in technology). Nowadays, it is still common to see cases in which, within the scope of a project, an employee is fired for making an error, what a mistake! It is precisely these people who can best help to establish more solid solutions. reliable, identifying risks and problems.

ATEC+ID provides methodologies and assistance to implement systems and dynamics in the field of continuous improvement, plans and dynamics problem solving, obtaining new levels of quality, Lean Manufacturing, Lean Office, Lean Six Sigma, etc., because when they are addressed plans or projects of this type, in which new strategies are identified, it is convenient to help from outsiders who know the steps to take, the risks that are usually given, and that have tools to manage it.


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The plan must adapt to reality

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In innovation, the established plan must be adapted to the reality that is being identified

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