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La valeur de l'immatériel

We are forgetting that there is no glory without effort. The environment of uncertainty and constant changes in which we live today, lead us to the challenge of making decisions constantly, unless we choose not to make decisions and we are doomed to lose the train, and even lose it permanently.

In this vision, as in many others, we have American society and individuals as an example of assumption of our own destiny, whether or not there is uncertainty. The American, is not thinking about someone solving his life, but assumes challenges and advances making decisions, an attitude that ensures a high degree of success. Making decisions leads to the proposal of actions, decision-action or decision-attitude are fundamental to be made with resources, with capacity to address what is coming, with a way of approaching situations, etc., deep down is a resource of the planning.

In our experience, there are many cases that we have found, in which R & D + i projects with a specific initial focus, lead to open paths not initially proposed, but providing new solutions more important and relevant than initially thought. This type of scenarios are typical in R + D + i, usually you always learn something new, you always end up knowing how to do something that you did not know before how to tackle or overcome.

The hope of some SMEs in which a large company is acting as a tractor, to facilitate its own innovative activity, does not seem to work in Spain. It is the SMEs themselves that are making the greatest innovative effort. Innovation is already identified as a competitive need, not just technological leadership, but at the level of competitiveness, of pure survival.

If the innovation is not planned, it is tremendously easy for the improvement effort to remain in inefficient tasks that only consume resources without providing relevant value. There are different ways and methods to get hold of an innovation strategy, also to make decisions and actions that lead to innovation and improvement, but the key issue is to decide. This initial positioning, which in addition to mentally repeat "I have to change", "I have to do things differently", "I need the staff to collaborate", "what could innovate?", Etc, can lead to really take decisions and address innovation and improvement activities.

As the environment of change and innovation normally fall within the scope of the vision and approach of people, in the value generated and offered by companies, etc., in the intangible, it is more than interesting to have external resources, consultants like us. There are companies that even end up losing the opportunity to apply tax deductions for R + D + i, for not addressing innovation in a planned or structured way, or under a series of actions determined from decisions in which the company's management is key, and determines the level of success.

Beyond the way of financing innovation, and where applicable, tax deductions for R & D & I, is the market value of these intangibles, of that innovation and the ability to innovate, of that company image that influences and it attracts markets, from that perception that other companies and investors create, and that ultimately define a very important part of the valuation of a company, whatever its sector (graphic of Brand Finance GIFT, October 2018), and more important if possible, of the vision of the future about a company. In this graph, in addition to being evident that value, it is even more surprising the magnitude of those assets not quantified, quantification that can be valued as assets, or be valued by the market or market price, but always requires an initial quantification, for which, the documentation of R + D + i activities, such as the one we carry out to prepare tax deductions for R + D + i, is an interesting approach to identify and evaluate R + D + i activities.

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Intangibles & Tax Deduction

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Intangible assets are products of R&D&I, among others, and deductions for R&D&I help to document them.