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La Simplicité est Complexe


It is one of several messages left by Ken Segall (Apple and who was a companion of Steve Jobs), in his great presentation at the Forum of Advisors. That's right, it's been a long time since the moment when sudden ideas were enough to develop a business or good solutions. Today, to get simple solutions that work, it is necessary to work in a different way, from recent years. There is no easy and fast simplicity, the current simplicity is the product of complex and worked processes, which when they culminate successfully, bring us an attractive simplicity.

Working differently means, at this moment, to apply a lot of intensity in certain approaches staying focused, maintaining the charisma of each company, and without doubt maintaining a certain sense of humor. But all this, developed in an environment that does not detract from our personality and spirit, so that we can preserve our "authenticity", and always embedded all this, in a growing use of technology.

Simplicity has always been the eternal goal of engineers, always reducing the number of parts of a machine, reducing the number of operations to be performed, integrating operations and functionalities, etc., an aspect that has also spread widely across the field and activity of all companies, and that is in close relation with LEAN systems of organization and processes, in its more traditional version LEAN MANUFACTURING, as in its focus to simplification of administrative processes LEAN OFFICE, and its extension to LEAN SIX SIGMA. All these schemes can be very useful to change the way companies do things, simplifying and computerizing processes and operations, including methodologies for problem solving. Contact us, we will be happy to explain it in detail.


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Simplicity is Complex

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It is complex to obtain simple processes and systems