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Aborder l'innovation pour le changement rapide


Very successful day organized by El Español, with the participation of a good range of visions on the current situation in the development of entrepreneurship or business action. Antonio Garamendi, president of Cepyme closed the day with several messages, the most relevant being the sentence against the Law 20/2013 of Market Unit, a serious matter when the world goes in the opposite direction, although in essence the sentence does not Either against the concept, or against the way in which it has been defined.

From ATEC + ID we highlight the master class of Iñaki Ortega, director of the Deusto Business School, in which he gave a close look at the profound changes that are taking place in the economy, in the types of work, in business and companies , As well as a certain amount of persuasion about them, absolutely necessary at the moment. If we want to continue in the evolution of things, it is absolutely necessary to innovate, accept changes, change structures, change our business processes, the way we do Things, gain visibility, etc. It is something that we have been commenting article after article since we were born in 2006 as ATEC + ID. Turning around and not attending to this aspect, may not have an effect in the short term (or that we do not see it), but even in the medium term has it, do not wait too long to see or suffer the consequences if not We act As Iñaki Ortega put it, what is happening is directly related to two aspects, technology and crisis, this second issue that we really see as a new way of being things, we believe that everything has accelerated, but not to slow down But to continue being like this, things are going to do, they will happen, it is going to be more speeded up than now. In this sense Iñaki Ortega pronounced when assessing the fall of several myths and barriers, when referring to the fall of what has been called Moore's Law, in reference to that until now the speed of processing was doubling each year, increase Which has become exponential.

Along with a clear identification of the myths that are falling, he also pointed out a number of personality aspects that have also evolved or have changed in recent years, as a certain transparency and honesty is now required, as well as intelligence and low doses Of arrogance.

You can consult more details of the event in El Español, and do not forget that ATEC + ID can help to make the innovative effort of your company profitable, we can also collaborate in optimizing processes, facilitating change, promoting continuous improvement, giving Web visibility or build it, develop Apps, etc.


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Innovation to face the dizzying changes

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Innovation to face the dizzying changes