Do you want a website and manage it yourself?

Well, do not hesitate, DRUPAL is your content management system (CMS).


Why Drupal?

  • Drupal allows you to save costs since you will not have to pay absolutely anything, since it is a free software totally free. You will not pay for licenses or depend on any other provider.
  • Drupal is recognized as the CMS that has the most advanced technology for web development, offering endless possibilities when creating, updating and managing a website in a simple and really effective way.
  • Drupal is totally free software, with open source, written in PHP of high quality
  • Drupal allows you to create a website in record time.
  • Drupal offers great flexibility and greater adaptability that allows you to carry out any type of design for your website, blog or online store.
  • Drupal is adapted to Responsive web design, allowing a correct visualization in all types of devices and a much better user experience.
  • With Drupal you will not be alone, one of the main advantages of Drupal is that it has a huge community behind it, made up of a large number of developers who work every day in the development of new modules and functionalities to improve the user experience.


Who uses Drupal?

  • Entertainment Weekly.
  • The City of London.
  • New York State.
  • Australian Government
  • Taboola
  • NCAA
  • Tesla
  • Box
  • Verizon
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • eBay
  • Timex
  • Nokia
  • McDonald’s Australia
  • Harvard University
  • Stanford University
  • NASA
  • ... and many more websites !!!




Need help?

ATEC + ID have been working with DRUPAL for years, developing and maintaining web for our clients and evolving our own site with this content manager

In addition, we would help you:

  • Make a content plan based on your corporate objectives.
  • Collect text content and graphic content.
  • Submit template proposals for your website.
  • Analyze and recommend hosting for your hosting.
  • Install Drupal latest version.
  • Implement your home page, your menus, your blog and other content blocks.
  • Link with your social networks.
  • Register it in search engines.
  • Train your teams for the use, maintenance and administration of new content.
  • Offer after-sales services: support for doubts, publication of contents, updates of versions, backups, and so on.


Contact ATEC+ID.