Do you want a website for "professional" dummies?

Well, do not hesitate, WORDPRESS is your content management system (CMS).


Why Wordpress?

  • Wordpress.ORG or simply Wordpress, is a content manager that allows design and web development at the click of a button..
  • WordPress is a free platform. No surprises or additional costs. Yes, the templates and plugins will cost, especially in their premium versions, but it is worthwhile and it will take away complexity, save you time and give you a guarantee for your operation.
  • Unlike Blogger, which is from Google and Wordpress.COM, which is Automattic, your WordPress website will be your property and no unwanted ads will appear and you will not have to pay for the premium option so that they do not appear.
  • Wordpress will give you a professional result without the need to have experience in web design or programming. It is very easy to use, you can install plugins and themes from your administrator. It will also send you & nbsp; notifications when a new version of WP is available and you can update it with a single click
  • WordPress is easy to learn, if you have handled "Microsoft Word" you already have much advanced, so you will get quality results in the short term.
  • The templates or "templates" that WordPress offers are known for their great variety, and that is that there are thousands and adapted for each case, managing to save you creative work.
  • The plugins are functionalities that can be added to the Wordpress platform and will allow your website to improve or have additional extras.
  • Wordpress is safe and offers mechanisms to create access profiles for its users, so it will have flexibility in the management of information and in the visibility of its publications.

Elementos clave de Wordpress

Who uses Wordpress?

  • Hojiblanca
  • Mercedez-Benz
  • AMC.
  • Áliad.
  • Marqués de Cáceres
  • BBC America
  • Bitly URL Shortener
  • Bloomberg P. Services
  • Blue The Ford Blog
  • CNN Español
  • Danone
  • El Blog de la Caixa
  • El
  • Escuela MasterChef
  • Facebook Newsroom
  • Félix Solís
  • Ferrovial
  • Festina Group
  • Flickr Blog
  • Florette
  • Global Exchange
  • Mobile World Capital
  • Osborne
  • open.NASA
  • PlayStation.Blog
  • Podemos
  • Sony Music
  • Spotify Blog
  • Vertele
  • DonDeDrones
  • ... and more !!!


Estadisticas sobre Wordpress





Need help?

ATEC + ID have been working with WORDPRESS for years, developing and maintaining web for our clients with this content manager

In addition, we would help you:

  • Make a content plan based on your corporate objectives.
  • Collect text content and graphic content.
  • Submit template proposals for your website.
  • Analyze and recommend hosting for your hosting.
  • Install the latest Wordpress version.
  • Implement your home page, your menus, your blog and other content blocks.
  • Link with your social networks.
  • Register it in search engines.
  • Train your teams for the use, maintenance and administration of new content.
  • Offer after-sales services: support for doubts, publication of contents, updates of versions, backups, and so on.


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