Tool for Automation (I)

ATEC + ID offer services for the implementation and customization of ticketing systems for corporate processes, since we consider these systems as the priority tool to be deployed within a digital transformation plan.

... , but why can they be of interest to you?

The answer is simple, the automation of processes with ticketing systems achieves the following objectives:

  • Eliminate operative work.
  • Eliminate unnecessary stages.
  • Eliminate manual steps and avoid human errors.
  • Use the right profile at the right time.
  • Send and receive feedback.
  • That the activities do not depend on specific people but on specific procedures.
  • Accumulate a knowledge base and offer it as an asset to the entire organization.
  • Take advantage of new technologies to facilitate, simplify, reduce and liven up work.
  • Allow to have data to measure, analyze and improve, giving visibility of this through operational KPIs and quality KPIs.



Are you interested in automating any process ? ...

These are some of the activities in which we can collaborate:

  • Identify the processes and classify them.
  • Establish a digital transformation plan.
  • Analyze the process to automate.
  • Design the inputs, activities, tasks, roles, participants and outputs.
  • Implement the process
  • Evaluate the process.
  • Establish the KPIs of the process.
  • Document the process.
  • Train in the process.
  • Participate in the continuous improvement of the process.

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