They are an powerfull tool to capitalize the innovative activity (R&D&i) of the companies, included in the revised text of the Societies (Companies) Profit Tax Act  (TRLIS 2004), and its in time maintenance insured by the Sustainable Economy Act (Law 2/2011, march 4) and with the Enterpreneurs Law and their internationalization Law14/2013 from september 27. ATEC+ID offers all services needed for the succesful application of these deductions, including a free initial diagnosis, maintaining an absolute confidentiality about our clients and their activities:


It is noteworthy that, in addition to the activities most commonly identified as R&D or Innovation, those related to advanced software have been added since 2015, confirming the creation, combination and configuration of advanced software as an R&D activity, which is very interesting for many companies in the process of ERP remodeling, integration of multiple systems, transfer to the cloud, digitization, etc.

These tax deductions reach in general up to 25-42% of R&D expenses, and 12% of technological innovation ones, for Common Territory. In the Bask Country, although there are differences among provinces, they are in the range of 25-50% for R&D and 15-20% for TI, and similar in Navarre. Recently, in Gipuzkoa it was eliminated a 15% deduction for non technological innovation, and in Navarre knowledge intensive services provided by third parties are considered for deduction. There are special concepts that could also increase these amounts. It's clear these tax deductions are interesting, Let ATEC+ID help you to take advantage!

  • We analyze the activities identifying those that could be deductible.
  • We work in organizing these activities as projects.
  • we value the costs and investments made for each project.
  • We calculate the deductible amount for its generation as credit and/or application.
  • we prepare the technical-economical-tax support documentation.
  • We offer the non mandatory posibility, of asking for certification and motivated reports (Ministry)

With the Enterpreneurs Law, important modifications have been introduced in these tax deductions, as follows:

  • The limit on the amount of deductible tax was 35%, just 25% only for 2012 and 2013. This limit as been set at 50% for 2014 and latter. In the case of companies with a 35% tax or in the range 20-30%, the deduction can be applied with no amount limit, though with a 20% discount on the amount, moreover payment can be asked if no tax amount is available.
  • The applied or payed deduction will not exceed 1 million euro in the TI case. Also, R&D&TI in conjunction will not exceed 3 million euro, for payed or applied. This is important since it applies to the set of all the companies making a group.

ATEC+ID keeps your company fully informed at all times, about the changes currently ocurring in the legislation related to theses tax deductions and having available an assistance in case of an inspection.

Nevertheless, to make use of payment or application without limit, there are some requirements:

  • You must spend at least 1 year since finishing the year in which the deduction was generated, without being applied
  • It should keep the average workforce, or alternatively the average number of I + D + i, since the end of the year in which the deduction was generated, until the prescribed period.
  • In the 24 months following the end of the year in which they apply or pay deduction, are allocated an amount equal to the deduction applied or paid to expenditure on R & D investments in IT or tangible assets or intangible assets, exclusively for these activities, excluding real estate.
  • Having obtained reasoned report on the status of the activity, or an agreement for the valuation of costs and investments related to these activities.

This set of measures and requirements, along with the changes that had been made ​​previously, offers endless possibilities is very interesting to note facing the end of the year 2013, as deadlines prevent the payment of credit get generated with 2015, please contact us.

The framework for the provision of these services is offered in adaptable terms to whatever format the client proposes, as a demonstration of our approach to sharing risk and our determination to obtain optimal results. Therefore, our preferred payment offer is a framework based on payment by results.