The need to manage the innovative activity has been traditionally organized through the inclusion of design into the ISO 9001 certification, also through management tools, such as Benchmarking, Continuous Improvement, Kaizen, SMED, TPM, Lean and Six Sigma or more focused methodologies over the problem solving tasks like FMEA, Ishikawa, 5W2H, Poka Yoke, afinity diagrams and others though wuoldn't provide all the acope of innovation, we talk about in this web organisation section. The UNE 166002 system structures the tasks of the innovation activity, that can also be integrated in the systems and the management processes of quality and environment, focusing the management in the form of projects and leaving certain open space for more undefined contents or contents yhat are sheared by several projects, like the strategic focus, the proper technological capacity management, the technological memory maintenance, the economical incentives use, the assessment of organisational questions, the performance measuring, the diferentiation, the interaction with sectorial associations, and many others. Nevertheless the new ISO 9001:2015 version, avoids allowing exemptions for "design and development" so, it could be now a good time for those companies for whom R&D&i is not their main activity.



ATEC+ID offers to work together with your company for the implementation of the UNE 166002 R&D&innovation management system with any variation or inclusion of management tool, if you want so and is convenient. These systems demand to adapt some details of certain processes and the implementation of a series of operative activities that can be reduced to 4 procedures or new activities, when the quality system ISO 9001 is already implemented, and that usually are:

  • Identification of the R&D&i project portofolio, ongoing and planned for the future.
  • Technological Surveillance system, integrated in the company structure.
  • Specific Tools for the innovation management.
  • Innovation projects control and monitoring processes

The system will allow you to manage the technological scope from the strategic plane to lower magnitude questions, as a way to develop new markets, ensure the competitiveness, transform your organisation making it focus to the generation of growth and value, mantain in the innovative run, escape from the commodity typecasting, controlthe technological activity and many other aspects,that we will be glad to discuss with you.