Espiral Innovadora

Innovation when understood globally (R&D&i) is about new conditions, results, theories, models, etc, of new products, proceses, markets and services, that are generated from some activties. It is a characteristic of today the Technological Innovation, and so or more important due to its repercussion is the organizational innovation and the innovation that can be called non technological. One could also differenciate between what we know as R&D and innovation depending on the type of entity dealing with (Technological Centre, Technological SME, Creative Company or Industry), moreover concepts consideration, widely treated, as the Oslo manuals, the Frascatti manual, The Tax Agency, the CDTI, and others.

Innovation requires certain minimum activity to get operational and economical results, from ideas channeling and management from what projects, modifications, proposals emerge, etc, to reach profitability through subsidies calls and tax deductions calls for R&D&i activities. These minimums are conceptually simple but more complex to maintain in a good constant performance, that's why economical incentives are very interesting. 

The interest of innovation in many companies focus mainly on achieving the ability to generate new products or services that are industrializable or marketable, and also the ability to improve current processes to achieve new levels of efficiency, productivity or to include them in new operations, tools, sensors or features. There are different definitions of R&D and innovation, but these concepts are not closed in any companies and are able to channel some variety of creative activity. There is much to be done in the organization, control, management, monetization and measurement of innovation in enterprises, it is in all these areas where ATEC+ID can help you. We should never forget that both the generation of knowlefge and its transformation, is the transformation of people, and that changes themselves do not warranty good results.

Curiously there are many companies that see external collaboration too skeptically, forgeting though internally technical details of machines, proceses and products are very well known, the fact of thinking for oneself and about innovative or creative solutions for oneself, is much more complicated than doing it for others. Innovation is not only about creativity and ideas generation or genius, it is also about constant work, and that's why normally internal proceses and people set barriers to inspiration and clear and direct thinking. It's clear, ideas or viable proposals are always a small part of all, and it is the management of the whole in what one has to work constantly. ATEC+ID focuses to collaborate with your company, to get your satisfaction, also offering to participate as facilitators and managers of ideas, innovation proposals and improvement proposals, as a totally different content from the aconomical incentives like tax deductions for R&D&i activities.