Systems for Organization and Management of Companies,

Currently and probably in the next decade it will be more and more needed the availability of tools and/or integrable systems for control and management focused in Continuous Improvement, Kaizen, Lean, Six Sigma, or in the other hand, Agile Systems for project development in two different ways depending on demands, either Technical and Agile Methods like Scrum or expert management like Kanban or similars. The first group combines and shares aspects but also incorporate self characteristics which are commonly encompassed in Lean and Six Sigma, if implemented at company level, focused in a cultural change at all levels. The second group refers to Agile,  well known lately in the world of software development but applicable to developing new products and industrial processes and their time to market, in fact that was its origin. The first group are focused to systematically improve processes and reduce rejects, but some use one kind of tools and others other, that can be shared. The second group is focused to improve the speed of processes, and some like kanban to include certain expertise in process management


The systems mentioned are not unique, there are a number of systems , some are simply adaptations of the basic concepts of the above applied to a given sector. The introduction of these methodologies or systems in any company, necessarily involves changes at all levels, changes that have to be approved, promoted and driven ​​initially by the direction, that usually then create a "management style". Although the first group , which we can call Kaizen necessarily require more time for implementation, it must be remembered that today, if you decide to tackle a cultural change you should do is quickly. The way to make a cultural change quickly is based on several keys, among which two are major , intense and open information and direct establishment of some process changes. In the population of a business, you never get a homogeneous evolution of people in the process of cultural change, and almost always pleasant surprises are discovered as innate predisposition and skills in people who had not been previously developed . There are only two issues with short permittivities, the objective and the behavior.

The competitivity advantages that can be achieved in a certain period of time, do not persist in the long run, since the competence is also evolving. The companies need to make decisions about their organization and moreover apply them, as a transitioning from traditional systems to Lean or efficient and agile systems with a minimum stock, is not an easy task. In these cases, the best solution is to acompaign these decisions and will, with an external collaborator as ATEC+ID is.

With Kaizen, all commercial, administrative and manufacturing processes can be measured, can be improved and monitored, the first premise is to keep the effort in time and to get a permanent commitment in all the company, and specially fron the Direction. Never forget that fist is to measure, and moreover to be organized properly and to generate ideas, order, efficient and systematic operation, systematic resources allocation and availability, improvement capacity, etc. With Scrum or Agile, you will get commited people to work quickly and accurately.