ATEC + ID carries out market studies based on the vision of the good or the service to be placed and by identifying the steps to follow in order to achieve consumption, while also analyzing the competition. For this, the following aspects of the product, service or good are developed and analyzed.

Marketing studies

Estudios de Mercado

attend to his duties in the following concepts:

  • Use
  • Study of similar
  • Marketing approach and presentation
  • The consumer
  • The prices
  • The distribution

From the previous functions identified, we proceed to the determination and the specification of the market research, as such:

  • Type of survey: phone, face to face, internet
  • Target according to the type of company, in its geographical scope
  • Duration of the questionnaire
  • Optional descriptive analysis (+ 25%)
  • Analysis, evaluation and conclusions

Ask us for a quote, we will need the initial approach in terms of:

  • Offer: type of offer
    • Study of local/regional monopolies
    • Study focused on groups
    • Free market
  • Type of product:
    • Financial good
    • Good intermediate
    • Good final consumption
  • Type of request:
    • Constant
    • Seasonal
    • irregular
  • Price level and quality
  • Distribution channels

What are you going to get?

  • The potential quantity of consumers
  • If the characteristics of the property correspond to the market
  • The price of the placement
  • Initial investment forecast and future expansion
  • Systems and distribution chains