Lean Six Sigma brings together a number of concepts to address the optimization and improvement of the quality of processes, indistrial and / or administrative processes, and open to all sectors, industrial, services, logistics, etc. Lean Six Sigma combines the philosophy of Lean process optimization along with Six Sigma Quality Methodology (zero defects).

What does your company get with LEAN?

  • An agile and focused process in the value of product/service whose price the customer is willing to pay. Some of these processes usually require incorporating computer software (software), which we develop, to improve management and visualization. In bureaucratic content the improvement in efficiency is estimated between 30 and 40%.
  • A computerized VSM (Value Stream Map), which can be used both to analyze the initial situation and to define the objective situation of this and other future projects that may arise, with or without us.
  • A series of parameters and process measures to use to focus on productivity and continuous improvement.
  • Protect the added value it produces, also reducing waste (times lost, work that the customer does not pay, etc.).
  • Fluid and balanced processes, based on demand.
  • Motivated and collaborative staff, with attitude and active participation in the continuous improvement of the company. Lack of leadership at intermediate levels is a problem for 30-36% of companies
  • Minimum stocks and stop stock qeneration that finally become obsolete.
  • Many other improvements that we will be happy to show you.

What does your company get with Six Sigma?

  • Minimum rejection values, meaning zero defects, or 3,4 ocurrences per million possible cases.
  • Implement a methodology, DMAIC, to apply for analysis and improvement of quality, and that may apply in the future.
  • Adopt tools and statistical knowledge that you can use in this project, and in others.
  • And many more capabilities applicable to quality and other business content, which we will be happy to show you
Aprovechar Rutas Probadas y Experimentadas
Following well-known routes and experienced guides gives you more chances to reach the destination

What does your company have to do to implement Lean Six Sigma?

  1. Being willing to work with effort, in the change of certain forms of work,
  2. Be willing to focus the activity of your company in another way,
  3. Be willing to dedicate time for your staff to improve and evolve,
  4.  Hire us: we will manage the preparation of the implementation strategy, the preparation of managers and employees, and we will be the facilitators of the dynamics of development and continuous improvement.
  5. Maintain standards and take care of your staff when we leave

What will I get specifically, less abstract?

  • Have the types of waste identified and be able to measure them through indicators.
  • Production adjusted to the demand, and agile to respond to changes in demand. Knowing the productivity that can reach at any time, simultaneously with the highest quality.
  • Knowing what level of quality you are able to obtain with confidence
  • Systems for analysis of problems in process results, and methods for correcting them
  • Define which are the best quantities of simultaneous lot (Kanban), within its processes (materials, services, etc.) 
  • Implement methodologies for continuous improvement, Kaizen 5S and / or TPM and / or SMED and visual control and their techniques.
  • And other capabilities and methodologies according to your needs, which we will be happy to show you

Lean is a systematic philosophy of analysis and simplification of processes that tries to transfer a certain philosophy to the reality of the processes of the companies, that allows to differentiate between key processes and secondary processes with the objective of obtaining processes online and direct, without errors or waste. Kaizen tools, Value Stream Maps (VSM), etc., are used to get focused about changes and modifications needed.

Gacela Lean

ATEC+ID will help you build new paths to be covered through Leadership Development, Strategy Development and the help of us as Lean Coordinators or Facilitators. It is about surface problems and improvement points, clearing the fog that hides them, revealing the problems to correct them and improve the results. The Lean organization achieves agile and efficient processes, that allow to improve the reaction capacity of the companies

For this, in addition to training and leadership development in key activities, such as Lean thinking, it is necessary to encourage and support their concrete implementation in the areas of work and generate capacity to maintain these improvements over time. Addressing a Lean or Lean Six Sigma project requires determination, work, and effort but it is even more important to take the first step on a mental level before approaching it with humility, work, knowledge, experience and creativity.

Lean can be completed with advanced statistical process control systems through statistical studies on the six sigma line, just as Six Sigma can be implemented independently of Lean. Six Sigma consists of a methodology (DMAIC) that includes deep statistical studies, with the aim of reducing the variability of the processes to levels of 6σ, or what is meant by zero defects, in order to establish levels of confidence in the variability of the processes. Obviously, six sigma does not depend on whether the process is linear, but by type of studies and organization, it is easier to implement along with Lean. Lean is implemented through structured teams of people, seeking to adopt the philosophy of efficiency and visual harmony, and Six Sigma is rather a method, with the difference that in Six Sigma you need a certain technical level that is not always so requested in Lean. The usual thing is to start by obtaining the capacity to generate quality of our processes and/or operations, and simultaneously implement Kaizen and Continuous Improvement, together with the data acquisition to establish the variables that will be key six sigma process control.

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