The internal audit of a management system, in this case ISO 50001:2011, is one of the elements that make up the system, fitting with check (check) the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act). For the effectiveness and efficiency of the system it is important to understand that internal audit is not a fad, or an option to choose, but allows evaluate and establish itself as a reliable indicator of system integrity, compliance requirements, and the ability of the organization to meet the objectives. All this also takes place in the interim of external audits, which allows the organization to advance or improve according to the recommendations and findings.

The system requires internal audits at planned intervals, both to ensure compliance with requirements as to ensure that objectives, energy targets and action plans for energy management are established, and that the organization (company) declares how verified energy performance, and how the results are verified. also should not forget that it has to check that improving the energy performance is assured.

Auditor Interno Subcontratado

Internal audit outsourcing to an external, can afford to observe and work with two views, providing greater value

The management, through visible support and allocation of resources, has the primary responsibility to ensure the effectiveness of internal audits, and internal auditors have a responsibility to manage well this support, performing audits with valuable information that can be useful to management to develop good planning, as well as other activities and decisions.

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