The support to the innovation plans and management refers to the help and support in the definition and development of innovation strategies in different fronts, as the required dynamic strategy to materialize into specific activities and approaches. Here is where the Interim Manager figure is very useful to speed up the processes of change and innovation because this figure can naturally avoid the typical barriers, moving to consolidate the processes of innovation and/or continuous improvement in your company, working in structuring both managing execution and providing detailed updated tracking.


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The Innovation Plan is an strategic approach that is born with the will to innovate and to evolve towards a higher technological status, but also requiring to maintain this approach in the long term. To turn this plan into a plan of action you can enlist the help of the findings of a benchmarking, and other internal dynamics in the company. ATEC + ID has its own methodology to guide this strategy, as it can assist in the collection of these approaches and monitor the launch and development of the innovation plan and action plan.

Next, the innovation strategy must lead to an innovation plan, which focuses specifically on the areas identified, for example in shaping the company, the offer, and always in the experience of the end user or customer (also internal). There are multiple ways to approach the effective innovation in each of these areas, but perhaps every company can sele

The Benchmarking is a concept that can be applied to diferent cathegories, as could be, innovative or not, which are of great interest for many companies since in order to uncover and identify diferent fields to advance for any company. In many ocasions it is used to determine a part of the focus of the innovation plan that could be established. In the search for best practices or records, it is usual to have other companies, from the same business group and / or others as well as information that can be channeled from business associations, industry forums and technology. You can view some of these tools in this menu or in the so-called "Organization". Finally, a clear strategy, and implemented through specific tools and collaborators (called interim manager to an outside serving within the company) is to be evaluated, "if we do not measure, we do not know" measuring is vital for quality, continuous improvement and innovation. Sectorial associations and technological forums. This dynamic is a time and resources consuming one , moreover requiring a certain capacity and training, ATEC+ID offers its collaboration as a way of participation in the organization, development and conclusions in these processes.