Tool for Automation (II)

ATEC+ID offer Mobile Apps development services to be added as tools for corporate processes, since we consider the use of these key applications within a digital transformation plan.

... , but why can they be of interest to you?

The answer is simple, adding Apps within the digital transformation plan of your processes achieves the following objectives:

  • Activate a channel for all audiences.
  • Offer easy access to tasks.
  • Allow work to have connection or not with the organization.
  • Allow to take photos and attach them to the registry.
  • Allow sending and receiving notifications while maintaining contact.
  • Allow to be located and know the displacements at all times.
  • Allow to know the activity time and the non-activity time.
  • Allow to communicate incidents reducing the time of failure and the impact to clients.
  • Allow chat to dialogue with technicians or clients.
  • Allow business adaptability since capabilities can be extended or new ones added.
  • Allow to add information to the knowledge base and offer it as an asset to all the organization.
  • Allow to save time, energy and money, since displacements are avoided, rewriting of annotations, loss of data or integrity of the same, loss of satisfaction of the clients, etc ...... 



Do you want to implement an app? ...

These are some of the activities in which we can collaborate:

  • Gather the requirements or help you identify them.
  • Analyze the required functionalities.
  • Design the application and navigation of it.
  • Design security and access and authorization method.
  • Implement the application in a hybrid way to be used in Android and IOS.
  • Do pilot tests with users
  • Make the documentation of the App.
  • Publish / distribute the App.
  • Train in the use of the App.
  • Participate in the continuous improvement of the App.

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