The Environmental Responsibility Law (Ley 26/2007), is already into force, finance warranties can be asked to any industry at any moment so it is advisable such warranties are ready and before it, the risk analysis was done.

Every plant should get its own Environmental Risks Analysis, independently from the term they are obliged to establish finantial warranties, as a function of their activity.


This scenario requires the Industry Environmental Risks Analysis, calculus and environmental risk assessment and the management of the current environmental risk, assumable and the constitution of finantial warranties to cover it. ATEC+ID uses various tools to make the risks analysis, based in the general norm UNE 150008:2008, which is generic, and must be applied carefully to each sector and activity using the Mirat documents, scales, meyhodological guides and others

This legislation has been established with four general objectives:

  • To achieve an environment risks preventive system through a risks analysis and the derived measures that each industry takes and designating identified responsibles.
  • Ensuring that the companies take over the cost of environmental repairing damage. An unlimited liability to restoration, which requires the assessement of damage, not only in economical terms but also in natural valuation.
  • Search for and identify the causative agent.

It also must be taken into consideration that it is determined, beforehand, the objective responsibility meaning that the company is responsible by the mere fact of an activity. This also implies that in front of an accident, if the company identifies a third party (i.e. a supplier) as causative, the company should to domonstrate it.

Responsibilities are also derived for auditors, in the case null warranties are accepted