ATEC+ID bases the working way in three principal pillars, Trust, Professionality and Collaboration. Each company, business or industry shows its personality and particularity, and it is you who know them. ATEC+ID assumes the projects, for their monitoring, for their complete development, to get a certain result, to play a certain function or execute an specific job, we provide value but the success is always yours.

The current scenario, for a great part of the industry can be structured in the following fields:



  • After obtaining the Integrated Environment Authorizations (AAI) derived from the IPPC legislation in 2007-2008, ATEC+ID offers collaboration to manage the adaptation to both the relation with the Administration, the risk management in these processes, the control of the implementations plan, and the economical optimization of the investment expenses.
  • The influence of the new regulations over the future renewal of the AAI requires its monitoring assessment so as the future requisites prevention for the company from Directive 2010/75/EU, art. 80, for which ATEC+ID offers  strategic help in these tasks. 
  • Preparation for the next renewal

    of the AAI, if any, is key to addressing an stable process without surprises, 

    depending on the conditions in Spain of the Law 5/2013 issued on June 7, 2013 with the conditions before or after January 7, 2013 dates.

For all that, aditional legislation is considered as like the Industrial Emissions Directive, the combustion installations and the GHG (CO2emission rights, the COVs emissions, the relation with ECOEMBES for the brewery sector, etc,) but all of them are subjected for example, to the BREF and BAT established in the Directive 2010/75/EU, documents shall be binding both vertical and transverse docs.

ATEC+ID has a wide experience in these areas, from the applicable BREF & BAT identification, the preparation of the documents, to the risk and consequences assessement or corrective measures that can be established, so as the extrapolation of the authorizations to obtain the operation permit.