The current environmental scenario includes multiple aspects determining its consideration from diferent points of view, from companies it's about a series of legislation continuously updated to comply with and to be adapted to for which it is usually needed to account for external help and moreover, for the need to access and maintain an environmnetal management system that shoould work but also help the company to evolve in updated criteria towards Sustainability and Corporative Social Responsibility (CSR).


Moreover all that, there exist other environmental implications, beyond the physiscal activity of the companies, as like those that the society needs as a whole and each individual particularly, reasons for which many companies have started to issue and/or publish their Sustainability Report, or in the case of some people, the reason why they use an electrical bycicle, they use return or recyclable bags, or they analyze and reduce their water consumption, moreover other measures.

All that has taken us to the legislation development more and less right, but fixing the trend of our modern societies relentlessly linked to the environmental improvement of our daily environment, and not only the urban cores, but there where any vector can be affected. 

ATEC+ID considers that the environment is a concept that came to stay, it is not a question of transient fashion, but it is convenient to maintain it to our developing as an aditional element of our daily life, as persons, as companies, as public administration, etc, in the more global concepts towards Sustainability and CSR.