ATEC+ID works on implementations of certifable environment management systems according to ISO 14001 norm.


The collaboration model is adapted to several implementation ways, since the companies often have already partially started processes of environment management, generally at control level for the aspects over which legislation exists or it is predictible such legislation enters into force. It is also an objective for many companies that the implementation is done integrating processes with other management systems as like Quality or Occupational Health and Safety as more usual systems. Diffrences also appear in the needs of the implementation speed, which is normally over a term of not less than 6 months, and that can be extended over one year or 14 months in some complex cases. We analyze all these variables, together with the collaboration system with your company to propose a plan of the implementation to be approved.

Before startint to effectively develop and build the system, ATEC+ID carries out an environmental diagnosis of your company with the following objectives:

  • To determine the interactions between the company and the environment
  • To identify the management instruments needed
  • To identify the applicable environmental legislation
  • To identify the environmental impacts, for any sector and different scopes
  • To define the key indicators
  • and in ocasions it is also posible to directly,
  • Establish control and monitoring mechanisms of indicators
  • Establish action plans for the environmental improvement

An aspect usually determining terms of the implementation is the preparation and approval of register and data tables, even more that precise process maps. ATEC+ID assumes that the systems are to be be implemented in a basic computer platform, so this aspect is specified before signing the contract and you can choose also for more advanced solutions since ATEC+ID also develops software for PC, servers, networks and web.

For the implementation and terms fullfilment success a key is the coordination of our consultants with your company personel, and that's why, one person from your company is designed as the implementation leader and link, facilitator or responsable for the project, as internal auditor and as responsable of the direction for receiving the certifying audit.

We have experience in diferent types of companies, by their organisation and activity type, please do not dought that we can help your company to implement a good environment management system, and we also provide an applicable legislation information service about environment requisites or legislation surveillance so your company can use it to cover this part of the system.