Need programmers?

ATEC+ID offers a freelance programming services to help you to develop your projects to finish in time and budget .

... what can we offer ?

Here are some of our deliverables:

  • Mobile Apps for Android, IOS or/and Windows Phone.
  • Web applications to add to your corporate tools.
  • Microservices to be able to reuse between different applications or to offer integration capacity with third parties.
  • Online dashboard with executive, technical or final client content.
  • Processes for content migration.
  • Processes to be planned and perform periodic operations.
  • Schemas for databases.
  • ...



Do you have a project in progress or do you have one planned and do you need to complete the team ? ...

These are some of the activities in which we can collaborate:

  • Gatther the requirements and deliver the requirements document.
  • Analyze a requirements document and deliver the analysis document.
  • Study the analysis document and deliver the architectural design, component design and functional development.
  • Implement the required application, component, process or microservice.
  • Perform functional, performance and / or safety tests on the application, component, process or microservice.
  • Create documentation: user manual, operating manual, installation manual and / or training guides.
  • Create distribution packages.
  • ... or all deliverables.

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