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Here we introudce the ATECID-CAS system "Controlled Atmosphere System"

ATECID-CAS Components


It is a HARDWARE and SOFTWARE system developed by ATEC + ID for the control and supervision of environments that require a controlled atmosphere.



Among the services offered by ATEC + ID are the facilities audit services for compliance with the regulations that control rooms, warehouses and vehicles with products sensitive to environmental conditions (medicines, cosmetics, ...)

During the process, one of the activities carried out is the collection of temperature and humidity measurements from different strategic points in the rooms.

For this activity, ATEC + ID developed a component whose purpose was to automate and guarantee the collection of measures in a non-assisted manner, but guaranteeing their confidentiality and integrity during the whole process. This component was called COLLECTOR and is formed by a minicomputer and a set of sensors.

Once the measurement collection phase is completed, the ATEC + ID auditor collects the COLLECTOR and downloads the data in the laboratory to carry out the corresponding study.


Evolution v.1.0

We received comments about how interesting it would be to take advantage of the collector's data collection to be able to monitor the room at all times. We found the idea interesting and following our philosophy of continuous improvement we opened a new R + D + i project to develop two new components, the Panel and the Chatbot.


Below are the three components and functionalities that today provide:


CAS Collector

  • Activate sensors
  • Gather temperature and humidity measurements
  • Save data
  • Public web services for consumers

CAS Collector


CAS Panel

  • Displays widgets with sensor values.
  • It shows graphs with evolution of the measurements collected from each sensor
  • It allows to establish a threshold for automatic start of fans.
  • It allows downloading data of collected measurements.
  • It shows log of the actions carried out both by the user and by the system

CAS Panel


CAS Chatbot

  • Take advantage of TELEGRAM's instant messaging technology.
  • The user can make inquiries about the value of any of the sensors installed in the room and controlled by the Collector.
  • The user can request evolution graphs to see evolution and points out of control.

CAS Chatbot

CAS Chatbot


Publicity and promotion

ATEC+ID can install this system in your organization and benefit from all the advantages and features discussed. On the other hand, we will continue to evolve the system and for this we would like to make you participate and receive your comments, as well as, your suggestions on additional functionalities that from your point of view would be interesting applied to your business.

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