Each grant program is specified as European, national or regional, click on them to open a file that you can download. We focus on the areas of R & D & i, Environment, Quality, Competitiveness, Organization, Sustainability, Social Responsibility, Excellence, etc., if you are interested in any other matter please contact us at info@atecid.com or go to web contact.

EU Subsidies and Grants

European Subsidies last updated: 20 OCT 2018


National Subsidies and Grants

Spanish National Subsidies last updated: 20 OCT 2018


Regional (Authonomic) Subsidies and Grants

Authonomic (Regional) Subsidies last updated: 20 OCT 2018


ATEC+ID offers all the needed services for a proper application and processing of the usual phases of subsidies, together with an information service of subsidies and grants for our customers of "ATEC+ID reports", maintaining all the time and absolute confidentiallity about our customers and their activities.The access to subsidies and grants is important because it provides aditional resources, generating documentation which is property of the customer and provides financing for added value activities, the services are

  1. Callendar of calls, accessible to all customers, our active communication only under contract
  2. Alerts and reports of calls by e-mail
  3. Preparation of applications
  4. Monitoring and justification

The preparation of applications can be provided in various forms (La preparación de solicitudes tiene diversas modalidades (admission, time to prepare documentation, price floating / fixed, etc.), please ask us about these agreements and the terms under which this service is provided, deadlines can be requested,etc.