ATEC+ID arose in 2006 from several visions, feelings, understanding of the environment, and personal ideas developed to offer and provide services needed in enterprises, organizations, offices and even directly to people. This position and understanding of the environment was reached after a few years of personal and professional development of several people, each with their own reality, identifying with a new project and looking animated after listening, observing and experiencing the market, or customers.

During these years of experience and growth, the company has been constantly incorporating new analytical capabilities, development, methods and tools that allow us to consolidate and continue to develop new solutions for our customers, from a deep, an historical and continuously updated understaning of what a business is. Our activity is part of:

  • Purpose: To provide advanced and practical solutions to our clients, whatever the sector or size. Our contents are generally applicable and rentabilizables by any company or organization.
  • We can give interesting and genuine solutions to many companies or individuals to advance organizational and technological issues in all areas of the content offered as steps for business or industrial development of our environment is our mission.
  • Our customers are able to move towards more advanced organizational and technological conditions, either through technical solutions and engineering, through organizational, new ways of managing change, redesign their work processes or sequences, software tools / web, and a long etc. comprising a wide identification of improvements that can be summarized in greater efficiency and profitability.
  • We know what we do and we do it right, we have the means, knowledge and experience, and do not forget the need to constantly renew. But more importantly,

it is our motivation and we do it with enthusiasm!