Hot Rolling Training Course 2020

Submitted Wed, 01/08/2020 - 20:36
Hot Rolling of Steel Long Products, bar and profiles


This course addresses the full scope of the hot rolling of steel long products, expanding in this fourth edition precisely the contents about the design of product traces or roll pass design, extending the detail of the design process to both bar and profile. This evolution is a consequence of the preferences of the attendees themselves, and that we have been able to attend thanks to some effort. It is already the fourth edition in which we receive excellent and appointed people from the sector, from experienced directors to people who start in the sector, and with a very varied profile.

We continue to confirm that the training is not only of interest to new sector professionals, but that it is mostly in the interest of senior professionals, who find an opportunity to consider new views on technical issues and new methods and ideas on how to analyze their particular case. We are also visited by professionals with management or direction functions, for whom it is important to contemplate all areas of the activity of a rolling mill, such as quality, facilities, rolling stations, maintenance, Lean management, continuous improvement, new projects, etc. , and even to understand the costs.

The course is structured in four parts,

Market View

It consists of an initial presentation on how we see the sector from ATEC+ID, in terms of growth and other relevant factors, such as prices and productions.


An exposition of the characteristics and determining steps of the rolling process is made, to assess the influence of different aspects determined by the composition or that can be inferred in the process to obtain different qualities and grades of steel.

Roll Pass Design

This section has been expanded for 2020, we take special care of this section and it is very important for us, since it is the content that can allow to roll new products by shape and quality, together with certain metallurgical aspects. In rolling, nothing is separated tightly, passes and metallurgy are important for obtaining different qualities, and all this in turn can be strongly influenced by the layout.

Cases and Workshop

Practices will be carried out on three processes of design of passes, in which the assistants will have a certain time to plan and estimate certain dimensions of the calibrated groove or the section obtained, which will be checked with the ATEC + ID software, or applications of the theory which will be displayed with said software.

  • Roll Pass Design for bar
  • Roll Pass Design for Profile
  • Shaping of the hor steel inside the groove, bar and profile

Course Visual Presentation


Postponed to March 2021

Enroll and Prices

This course provides simultaneous translation into English, and direct help in the room for any interaction or questions from attendees.

Registration will remain open while there are free seats.

The price includes Lunch and Coffees or Refrigeries.

  • For registrations payed before February the 10th:


In case anyone wanting to access the course on the same day 25 without prior registration, the price will be € 1180 per person, but available seats or the documentation that is delivered to each person are not guaranteed

         € 1150 for a single person, € 950 per person if two attendees from the same company, € 890 per person in case three people or more from the same company.

  • For registrations payed after February the 10th and before 25th March: € 1180 per person


  Hotel NH Príncipe de Vergara

  C/ Príncipe de Vergara 92

  28006 Madrid


  Hotel Location Map 

We appreciate and thank the dissemination of the information about this course.

Curso - pdf  Course Description and Registration Form

Curso - pdf  Contents Programme

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Hot Rolling Training Course

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Rolling Course in Madrid (Spain), 25 and 26 March 2020, contents, prices and enroll form


Steelmaking Course 2020

Submitted Wed, 11/20/2019 - 16:06
Curso de Fabricación de Acero para obtener Calidad


This is the first edition of this course, born from the demand of the sector, collected from the assistants to the course of "Hot Rolling of Long Products" among others, to offer training and new points of view to professionals in the sector. In these four years, we see that this type of course interests senior professionals as well as junior or recent professionals in the sector, since they find the opportunity to acquire new points of view on technical content, as well as new methods and ideas or discuss on how to analyze their particular case.

The course is structured in five parts,

General Description

It is a general presentation of the processes of Foundry and Laddle Refining, as well as the chemistry of specific processes, and refractory.


Description of the manufacturing process of oxygen-based steelmaking, desulfurization, blowing, additions, decarburization, load balancing, etc..


This part focuses especially on everything that influences the quality of the resulting product, cleaning, inclusions, surface quality, cracks, internal quality, solidification, segregations, etc.


It will show how electric energy is supplied and these facilities will be described. It will explain how EAF furnaces are designed, and how they are used, as well as the fusion process is planned and steps for this first steel in this route.

Key players

Laddle Refining or Secondary Metallurgy

The processes of this step will be described, such as deoxidation and alloying, slag control, homogenization, temperatures, degasification, etc.


Five workshops will be developed:

  • BOS Charge Balance Model
  • Characterization of Slab Quality
  • Steel University Simulations: Choice of BOS and/or Continuous Casting
  • EAF Scrap Types and Least Cost Mix
  • Steel University Simulations: Choice of EAF and / or Ladle Steelmaking

Key players

Attendee profile, based in 'Hot Rolling of Long Products' Course

Registrations and Prices

Registering will be open as long as there are available seats.

The course includes lunch and coffees for day 5th and 6th March 2020.

  • For registrations payed before January the 20th:

         € 1150 for a single person, € 950 per person if two attendees from the same company, € 890 per person in case three people or more from the same company.

  • For registrations payed after January the 20th 2020 and before 5th March 2020: € 1180 per person

In case anyone wanting to access the course on the same day 5 without prior registration, the price will be € 1180 per person, but available seats or the documentation that is delivered to each person are not guaranteed


     Hotel NH Príncipe de Vergara

     C/ Príncipe de Vergara, 92 

     28006 Madrid. SPAIN.

     Tel: (+34) 913 98 46 61

     See location on map

We appreciate that this course can be widely disseminated.

Curso - pdf Course Description and Registration Form

Curso - pdf Contents Schedule

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Steelmaking Course 2020

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Steelmaking course showing both main routes (integral & EAF)


Error Tolerance to Innovate

Submitted Fri, 04/12/2019 - 12:20
La realidad de la innovación

Innovation requires that companies have a certain tolerance for error, it is a question of assuming what innovation supposes, or of departing from innovation. Even without talking about R & D, innovation is about managing or introducing new aspects for a company, both related to internal processes, the way of doing things, to work, and related to the products or services we sell, or the way to organize.

We try to explain it constantly when we meet companies that seek to improve, from aspects of quality, improvement of the same, dynamics of problem solving, to more complex aspects of the quality itself, of studies to overcome current quality levels, of studies to know the level of quality that a process can come to give, to what is properly innovate and dynamics that facilitate the generation of ideas, their analysis, etc.

We want to highlight the article published in CepymeNews, which is a reminder on the issue of tolerance to error, an aspect that is still difficult to assume today, even in companies that intend to do new things. We do not know any company that addresses innovation and that does not make mistakes, the important thing is to learn from these mistakes, get knowledge of them (advance in technology). Nowadays, it is still common to see cases in which, within the scope of a project, an employee is fired for making an error, what a mistake! It is precisely these people who can best help to establish more solid solutions. reliable, identifying risks and problems.

ATEC+ID provides methodologies and assistance to implement systems and dynamics in the field of continuous improvement, plans and dynamics problem solving, obtaining new levels of quality, Lean Manufacturing, Lean Office, Lean Six Sigma, etc., because when they are addressed plans or projects of this type, in which new strategies are identified, it is convenient to help from outsiders who know the steps to take, the risks that are usually given, and that have tools to manage it.


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The plan must adapt to reality

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In innovation, the established plan must be adapted to the reality that is being identified


Hot Rolling Training Course 2019

Submitted Mon, 01/07/2019 - 23:10
Curso de Laminación 2019 - Hot Rolling Course 2019


This is the third edition of this course that tries to offer training and new technical and market points of view to professionals in the steel sector especially. In these three years we have learned that training is not only of interest for new professionals, but that it is mostly of the interest of senior professionals, who find an opportunity to acquire new points of view on technical issues and new methods and ideas on how to analyze their particular case

The course is structured in four parts,

Market vision

It consists of an initial presentation on how we see the sector from ATEC+ID, in terms of growth and other relevant factors.


An exhibition of the characteristics and decisive steps of the rolling process is made, widely considered (including continuous casting), to assess the influence of different aspects, and qualities of steel to be obtained.

Roll Pass Design

This section is very important and we take care of it, since it is the content that can allow to roll new products by shape and quality, together with certain metallurgical aspects. In rolling, nothing is separated watertight, passes and metallurgy are important for obtaining different qualities.

Aplicación de ATEC+ID's Roll Pass Design and Management Application


This year we introduce as a novelty, the application of theoretical principles to reality, we will describe and show what the ATEC+ID design system is, at a detailed level.

Productivity and Efficiency

At this section we make a revision of all the steps from rolling to final product condition, making enphasis at the steps and bottle necks at the finishing mill in order to get a maximum productivity and efficiency, and in terms of quality.

Key players

Part of 27 attendeess to year 2019 course

Registration and Prices

Registration can be made at any time while there are seats.

The course includes lunch on days 14th and 15th as well as coffee breaks.

  • For registrations with course payment before February 5:

€ 1150 for 1 person, € 950 / person for two people, € 890 / person for three or more people from the same company.

  • For registration with course payment after 5th Februay and before March 12:

         € 1180 / person

In the case of people who want to access the course on the same day, without having made the previous registration, the price will be € 1180/person, but the availability of free places and the documentation that is delivered to each attendee is not guaranteed.


You can ask us for a room reservation code, maybe get a better price.

     Hotel NH Collection Colón

     Calle Marqués de Zurgena, 4. 

     28001 Madrid. SPAIN.

     Tel: (+34) 913 98 46 61

     See location on map

We appreciate that this course can be widely disseminated.

Curso - pdf Course Description and Registration Form

Curso - pdf Contents Schedule


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Steel Hot Rolling Course 2019

Body brief

Hot Rolling Course 2019 in Madrid (Spain), 14th and 15th March


The value of Innovation and deductions for R & D & i

Submitted Wed, 12/26/2018 - 20:33
La valeur de l'immatériel

We are forgetting that there is no glory without effort. The environment of uncertainty and constant changes in which we live today, lead us to the challenge of making decisions constantly, unless we choose not to make decisions and we are doomed to lose the train, and even lose it permanently.

In this vision, as in many others, we have American society and individuals as an example of assumption of our own destiny, whether or not there is uncertainty. The American, is not thinking about someone solving his life, but assumes challenges and advances making decisions, an attitude that ensures a high degree of success. Making decisions leads to the proposal of actions, decision-action or decision-attitude are fundamental to be made with resources, with capacity to address what is coming, with a way of approaching situations, etc., deep down is a resource of the planning.

In our experience, there are many cases that we have found, in which R & D + i projects with a specific initial focus, lead to open paths not initially proposed, but providing new solutions more important and relevant than initially thought. This type of scenarios are typical in R + D + i, usually you always learn something new, you always end up knowing how to do something that you did not know before how to tackle or overcome.

The hope of some SMEs in which a large company is acting as a tractor, to facilitate its own innovative activity, does not seem to work in Spain. It is the SMEs themselves that are making the greatest innovative effort. Innovation is already identified as a competitive need, not just technological leadership, but at the level of competitiveness, of pure survival.

If the innovation is not planned, it is tremendously easy for the improvement effort to remain in inefficient tasks that only consume resources without providing relevant value. There are different ways and methods to get hold of an innovation strategy, also to make decisions and actions that lead to innovation and improvement, but the key issue is to decide. This initial positioning, which in addition to mentally repeat "I have to change", "I have to do things differently", "I need the staff to collaborate", "what could innovate?", Etc, can lead to really take decisions and address innovation and improvement activities.

As the environment of change and innovation normally fall within the scope of the vision and approach of people, in the value generated and offered by companies, etc., in the intangible, it is more than interesting to have external resources, consultants like us. There are companies that even end up losing the opportunity to apply tax deductions for R + D + i, for not addressing innovation in a planned or structured way, or under a series of actions determined from decisions in which the company's management is key, and determines the level of success.

Beyond the way of financing innovation, and where applicable, tax deductions for R & D & I, is the market value of these intangibles, of that innovation and the ability to innovate, of that company image that influences and it attracts markets, from that perception that other companies and investors create, and that ultimately define a very important part of the valuation of a company, whatever its sector (graphic of Brand Finance GIFT, October 2018), and more important if possible, of the vision of the future about a company. In this graph, in addition to being evident that value, it is even more surprising the magnitude of those assets not quantified, quantification that can be valued as assets, or be valued by the market or market price, but always requires an initial quantification, for which, the documentation of R + D + i activities, such as the one we carry out to prepare tax deductions for R + D + i, is an interesting approach to identify and evaluate R + D + i activities.

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Intangibles & Tax Deduction

Body brief

Intangible assets are products of R&D&I, among others, and deductions for R&D&I help to document them.


Controlled Environment - Supervision and Maintenance Support with Remote Interaction

Submitted Tue, 12/18/2018 - 23:24
Control Panel & Chat

We show this new help system initially thought for facilities supervision and maintenance, that later also has applications for specific meetings, discussion or treatment of subjects subject to the valuation of a graph, etc. It is about being able to visualize a graph or monitoring, with checks of the ventilation system (for example), and in parallel, in real time, to be able to maintain a conversation between several people, through an interactive chat, which also allows to include new information , photography, etc. All this on PC, laptop, tablets or mobile, without restriction.

Do you want to try it? Contact ATEC+ID here and we can arrange a visit to show it to you.

There are multiple cases in which you can collaborate with several people, 

  • Monitoring in all industrial sectors where control parameters, see photos or images, video, etc., is relevant. In the example, temperature monitoring in pharma-chemical stores.
  • Have a monitoring with specific contacts to locate, or with whom to deal with any aspect, wherever they are.
  • Meeting on a shared graphic, by remote assistants, there is no need to travel.
  • Resolution of a problem, on the factory floor, with several people being able to collaborate from other places, since that monitoring could be replaced by a photo, a video, etc.
  • Quality inspections and claims: allows several people to address the assessment of quality problems, the inspection of elements, graphics assessments, etc.
  • ​Request advice from a provider
  • Get an expert to guide in the identification and/or a maintenance action.
  • Get an expert to value something and can talk online about it.

The use of the latest technology is not subject to incurring great costs, more if it is Open Source technologies, the real challenge lies in whether companies and professionals are prepared to take advantage of them, or what is the best way to use them. solutions of this type

  • Cost savings: it is evident, direct, immediate attention, without trips, from different locations, multiparticipant, without trips, etc.
  • Improved effectiveness: having several opinions or collaborations concurrently and simultaneously guarantees a better focus on meetings and discussions, especially when time is of the essence.
  • Improvement of efficiency: evident, use of less resources that do not add value, time, transfers, etc., better focus on Lean, Lean Manufacturing, Kaizen, Lean Six Sigma, Continuous Improvement, Problem Solving, etc.
  • Improved safety: informed and immediate decision making.
  • Support for compliance: it allows to ensure that the systems subject to normative-legal compliance are well controlled and their evaluation is correct.
  • Agile system: reinforces the introduction and adoption of agile and innovative systems, aligned in IoT and digital transformation.

There is a wide range of possibilities, do not doubt we can help you develop your solutions.


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Controlled Environment

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Supervision and Maintenance Support with Remote Interaction


Hot Rolling 2018: "A Great Result"

Submitted Sat, 03/17/2018 - 22:44
Asistentes al curso

Again, this year (14-15 March 2018), we have enjoyed great professionals from the most important companies in the training-course of "Long Products Hot Lamination", together with the representation of UNESID, and the collaboration of Sistemas de Lubrication and Lubrication SL with a specific presentation by Francisco J Rosa.

It is the second year that we managed to take this course forward, so we are very satisfied, to share technical content and provide this area of ​​contact with the sector. We will continue developing new content for next year. We thank those institutions, companies and people who have facilitated the access and use of their material, and who remains in the knowledge of the attendees, and we take the opportunity to communicate to suppliers, engineers, researchers, and anyone in the sector, that we keep open the possibility of collaborating with technical contents in next year's edition, to analyze presentations that are of interest to the sector, and which we will study with pleasure.


Key players
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Hot Rolling 2018

Body brief

We have enjoyed great professionals and collaborators in the course of "Hot Lamination of Long Products"


The annual opportunity of R&D&i deductions

Submitted Tue, 01/16/2018 - 23:12
Prototypes I + D + i

Companies usually move on safe roads, at least it is usually the preference, but also almost every company says innovate. Based on figures of estimates on innovative companies, it seems that about 50 to 60% are left without applying this deduction of those who could do so. why?

We can identify three reasons why this happens:

  1. The one who usually leads this deduction is usually the financial department, usually excessively conservative and strange to the R+D+i activities.
  2. Due to the uncertainty in the self-assessment of the IS, which does not depend on the company, but on the validity of the certifications, including IMV of Mineco, regarding what is expressed by the AEAT that always reserves the last word in Inspection or Courts.
  3. The distance between the Technical and Financial departments, especially when the taxes part is managed by external advisors.

From ATEC+ID we want to transfer to the companies the reality that the management of the deductions for R+D+i implies, collaborating in the reality of each one and its effort of improvement and innovation. The innovation itself requires managing a minimum risk, a certain capacity to assume that not everything goes well, or what has been called "tolerance to error", even deductions for R+D+i do not demand that the result always results in what is expected or in a fully successful result. If a company is making an effort in R+D+i, why not take advantage of this incentive, or other related ones? 


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R&D&i deductions

Body brief

If a company is making an effort in R+D+i, why not take advantage of this incentive, or other related ones?


Course: Good Distribution Practices of Medicines (GDP)

Submitted Thu, 10/26/2017 - 12:55
Cours: Bonnes pratiques de distribution des médicaments (GDP)

The Good Practices for the Distribution of Medicines for Human Use (GDP Good Distribution Practices) have a fundamental role in the quality of medicines and thermolabile that reach the European distribution network, Spanish, and finally the patient, customer or consumer. This quality has to be guaranteed, and for this, quality management systems are implemented following the guidelines of the European Commission, which depending on the role of each company or organization in the distribution chain, have a generic nature of their activities , or more specific and key, as is the case of Transportation. Whether the activity is properly drug distribution, subject to authorization, such as the case of companies or freelancers who provide transport services, or subcontracted services of another type, is very important, and in some cases mandatory to know and train in the GDP of medicines..

At ATEC+ID we have been working with both the Farma sector and the Transport sector for both consulting and training services, and we now offer this course to provide training support to both sectors and bring the different experiences that have come developing in the course of these first years of entry into force of the Guidelines.

Attached below is the link to the registration document, which you can send us by filling in directly by e-mail or by sending an e-mail to to make the reservation of the place or for us to expand the information, or you can Contact us through the form of contact of this web or through the telephone numbers (+34) 91 710 50 88 (+34) 665 608 533, we will be happy to extend the information.

We thank you for the maximum dissemination of this course.

Curso - pdf Course description and registration

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Course: GDP in Medicines Distribution

Body brief

Course: Good Distribution Practices of Medicines (GDP)


Innovation to face the dizzying changes

Submitted Wed, 07/12/2017 - 17:10
Aborder l'innovation pour le changement rapide


Very successful day organized by El Español, with the participation of a good range of visions on the current situation in the development of entrepreneurship or business action. Antonio Garamendi, president of Cepyme closed the day with several messages, the most relevant being the sentence against the Law 20/2013 of Market Unit, a serious matter when the world goes in the opposite direction, although in essence the sentence does not Either against the concept, or against the way in which it has been defined.

From ATEC + ID we highlight the master class of Iñaki Ortega, director of the Deusto Business School, in which he gave a close look at the profound changes that are taking place in the economy, in the types of work, in business and companies , As well as a certain amount of persuasion about them, absolutely necessary at the moment. If we want to continue in the evolution of things, it is absolutely necessary to innovate, accept changes, change structures, change our business processes, the way we do Things, gain visibility, etc. It is something that we have been commenting article after article since we were born in 2006 as ATEC + ID. Turning around and not attending to this aspect, may not have an effect in the short term (or that we do not see it), but even in the medium term has it, do not wait too long to see or suffer the consequences if not We act As Iñaki Ortega put it, what is happening is directly related to two aspects, technology and crisis, this second issue that we really see as a new way of being things, we believe that everything has accelerated, but not to slow down But to continue being like this, things are going to do, they will happen, it is going to be more speeded up than now. In this sense Iñaki Ortega pronounced when assessing the fall of several myths and barriers, when referring to the fall of what has been called Moore's Law, in reference to that until now the speed of processing was doubling each year, increase Which has become exponential.

Along with a clear identification of the myths that are falling, he also pointed out a number of personality aspects that have also evolved or have changed in recent years, as a certain transparency and honesty is now required, as well as intelligence and low doses Of arrogance.

You can consult more details of the event in El Español, and do not forget that ATEC + ID can help to make the innovative effort of your company profitable, we can also collaborate in optimizing processes, facilitating change, promoting continuous improvement, giving Web visibility or build it, develop Apps, etc.


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Innovation to face the dizzying changes

Body brief

Innovation to face the dizzying changes

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