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Les transgéniques sont une solution


Extraordinary day that took place on 30 June 2017 at the headquarters of the Pons Foundation in Madrid, where Bayer CropScience Iberia, CSIC, and UC3M shared an open discussion and discussion topics on the future of food, With special reference to transgenics and innovation in the food sector.

It is not a secret that many people die of hunger in the world, nor is it a secret that one of the goals globally accepted is to eradicate hunger, at least nobody dares to say that this second is not one of its objectives, we could say that Eradicating hunger would be a holistic, not an ideological one.

The human population grows at a faster rate than natural genetic improvements occur in slow evolutionary processes. Today's technology allows genetic modifications to be made today, with results similar to those produced in a genetic evolution, and in addition, with already evident evidence that they are not detrimental to health. In addition, this can be done already, without leaving trace or proof that there has been modification. The European Union, at the scientific level knows and has proven that there is no problem, and simply leaves the need to inform in etiquette as a right to know what is eaten, although after giving freedom to each country to regulate about these regulations. This is where ideology appears, and where countries with no particular interest in such products or markets, because they do not have companies and scientists in these contents, prohibit or hinder their entry, in short, that has been called protectionism for a long time .

Genetic modifications are used to obtain seeds with improved properties or capabilities in specific climates, etc., where it is especially interesting to use less soil than an ordinary crop, being able to triple this ability, that is, to produce more with less .

The technology is offering new solutions and advances in all fields, also for food, whose progress we have been benefiting with better health and quality, continues to advance in the digitization of agriculture, through sensorization, etc., Technology is agnostic, but politics does not seem to help against hunger.

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Transgenics Are A Solution

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Transgenics Are A Solution