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Curso de Fabricación de Acero para obtener Calidad


This is the first edition of this course, born from the demand of the sector, collected from the assistants to the course of "Hot Rolling of Long Products" among others, to offer training and new points of view to professionals in the sector. In these four years, we see that this type of course interests senior professionals as well as junior or recent professionals in the sector, since they find the opportunity to acquire new points of view on technical content, as well as new methods and ideas or discuss on how to analyze their particular case.

The course is structured in five parts,

General Description

It is a general presentation of the processes of Foundry and Laddle Refining, as well as the chemistry of specific processes, and refractory.


Description of the manufacturing process of oxygen-based steelmaking, desulfurization, blowing, additions, decarburization, load balancing, etc..


This part focuses especially on everything that influences the quality of the resulting product, cleaning, inclusions, surface quality, cracks, internal quality, solidification, segregations, etc.


It will show how electric energy is supplied and these facilities will be described. It will explain how EAF furnaces are designed, and how they are used, as well as the fusion process is planned and steps for this first steel in this route.

Key players

Laddle Refining or Secondary Metallurgy

The processes of this step will be described, such as deoxidation and alloying, slag control, homogenization, temperatures, degasification, etc.


Five workshops will be developed:

  • BOS Charge Balance Model
  • Characterization of Slab Quality
  • Steel University Simulations: Choice of BOS and/or Continuous Casting
  • EAF Scrap Types and Least Cost Mix
  • Steel University Simulations: Choice of EAF and / or Ladle Steelmaking

Key players

Attendee profile, based in 'Hot Rolling of Long Products' Course

Registrations and Prices

Registering will be open as long as there are available seats.

The course includes lunch and coffees for day 5th and 6th March 2020.

  • For registrations payed before January the 20th:

         € 1150 for a single person, € 950 per person if two attendees from the same company, € 890 per person in case three people or more from the same company.

  • For registrations payed after January the 20th 2020 and before 5th March 2020: € 1180 per person

In case anyone wanting to access the course on the same day 5 without prior registration, the price will be € 1180 per person, but available seats or the documentation that is delivered to each person are not guaranteed


     Hotel NH Príncipe de Vergara

     C/ Príncipe de Vergara, 92 

     28006 Madrid. SPAIN.

     Tel: (+34) 913 98 46 61

     See location on map

We appreciate that this course can be widely disseminated.

Curso - pdf Course Description and Registration Form

Curso - pdf Contents Schedule

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