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Hot Rolling of Steel Long Products, bar and profiles


This course addresses the full scope of the hot rolling of steel long products, expanding in this fourth edition precisely the contents about the design of product traces or roll pass design, extending the detail of the design process to both bar and profile. This evolution is a consequence of the preferences of the attendees themselves, and that we have been able to attend thanks to some effort. It is already the fourth edition in which we receive excellent and appointed people from the sector, from experienced directors to people who start in the sector, and with a very varied profile.

We continue to confirm that the training is not only of interest to new sector professionals, but that it is mostly in the interest of senior professionals, who find an opportunity to consider new views on technical issues and new methods and ideas on how to analyze their particular case. We are also visited by professionals with management or direction functions, for whom it is important to contemplate all areas of the activity of a rolling mill, such as quality, facilities, rolling stations, maintenance, Lean management, continuous improvement, new projects, etc. , and even to understand the costs.

The course is structured in four parts,

Market View

It consists of an initial presentation on how we see the sector from ATEC+ID, in terms of growth and other relevant factors, such as prices and productions.


An exposition of the characteristics and determining steps of the rolling process is made, to assess the influence of different aspects determined by the composition or that can be inferred in the process to obtain different qualities and grades of steel.

Roll Pass Design

This section has been expanded for 2020, we take special care of this section and it is very important for us, since it is the content that can allow to roll new products by shape and quality, together with certain metallurgical aspects. In rolling, nothing is separated tightly, passes and metallurgy are important for obtaining different qualities, and all this in turn can be strongly influenced by the layout.

Cases and Workshop

Practices will be carried out on three processes of design of passes, in which the assistants will have a certain time to plan and estimate certain dimensions of the calibrated groove or the section obtained, which will be checked with the ATEC + ID software, or applications of the theory which will be displayed with said software.

  • Roll Pass Design for bar
  • Roll Pass Design for Profile
  • Shaping of the hor steel inside the groove, bar and profile

Course Visual Presentation


Postponed to March 2021

Enroll and Prices

This course provides simultaneous translation into English, and direct help in the room for any interaction or questions from attendees.

Registration will remain open while there are free seats.

The price includes Lunch and Coffees or Refrigeries.

  • For registrations payed before February the 10th:


In case anyone wanting to access the course on the same day 25 without prior registration, the price will be € 1180 per person, but available seats or the documentation that is delivered to each person are not guaranteed

         € 1150 for a single person, € 950 per person if two attendees from the same company, € 890 per person in case three people or more from the same company.

  • For registrations payed after February the 10th and before 25th March: € 1180 per person


  Hotel NH Príncipe de Vergara

  C/ Príncipe de Vergara 92

  28006 Madrid


  Hotel Location Map 

We appreciate and thank the dissemination of the information about this course.

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