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Curso de Laminación 2019 - Hot Rolling Course 2019


This is the third edition of this course that tries to offer training and new technical and market points of view to professionals in the steel sector especially. In these three years we have learned that training is not only of interest for new professionals, but that it is mostly of the interest of senior professionals, who find an opportunity to acquire new points of view on technical issues and new methods and ideas on how to analyze their particular case

The course is structured in four parts,

Market vision

It consists of an initial presentation on how we see the sector from ATEC+ID, in terms of growth and other relevant factors.


An exhibition of the characteristics and decisive steps of the rolling process is made, widely considered (including continuous casting), to assess the influence of different aspects, and qualities of steel to be obtained.

Roll Pass Design

This section is very important and we take care of it, since it is the content that can allow to roll new products by shape and quality, together with certain metallurgical aspects. In rolling, nothing is separated watertight, passes and metallurgy are important for obtaining different qualities.

Aplicación de ATEC+ID's Roll Pass Design and Management Application


This year we introduce as a novelty, the application of theoretical principles to reality, we will describe and show what the ATEC+ID design system is, at a detailed level.

Productivity and Efficiency

At this section we make a revision of all the steps from rolling to final product condition, making enphasis at the steps and bottle necks at the finishing mill in order to get a maximum productivity and efficiency, and in terms of quality.

Key players

Part of 27 attendeess to year 2019 course

Registration and Prices

Registration can be made at any time while there are seats.

The course includes lunch on days 14th and 15th as well as coffee breaks.

  • For registrations with course payment before February 5:

€ 1150 for 1 person, € 950 / person for two people, € 890 / person for three or more people from the same company.

  • For registration with course payment after 5th Februay and before March 12:

         € 1180 / person

In the case of people who want to access the course on the same day, without having made the previous registration, the price will be € 1180/person, but the availability of free places and the documentation that is delivered to each attendee is not guaranteed.


You can ask us for a room reservation code, maybe get a better price.

     Hotel NH Collection Colón

     Calle Marqués de Zurgena, 4. 

     28001 Madrid. SPAIN.

     Tel: (+34) 913 98 46 61

     See location on map

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Curso - pdf Course Description and Registration Form

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Steel Hot Rolling Course 2019

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Hot Rolling Course 2019 in Madrid (Spain), 14th and 15th March