Submitted Sat, 03/17/2018 - 22:44
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Again, this year (14-15 March 2018), we have enjoyed great professionals from the most important companies in the training-course of "Long Products Hot Lamination", together with the representation of UNESID, and the collaboration of Sistemas de Lubrication and Lubrication SL with a specific presentation by Francisco J Rosa.

It is the second year that we managed to take this course forward, so we are very satisfied, to share technical content and provide this area of ​​contact with the sector. We will continue developing new content for next year. We thank those institutions, companies and people who have facilitated the access and use of their material, and who remains in the knowledge of the attendees, and we take the opportunity to communicate to suppliers, engineers, researchers, and anyone in the sector, that we keep open the possibility of collaborating with technical contents in next year's edition, to analyze presentations that are of interest to the sector, and which we will study with pleasure.


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Hot Rolling 2018

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We have enjoyed great professionals and collaborators in the course of "Hot Lamination of Long Products"