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Cours: Bonnes pratiques de distribution des médicaments (GDP)

The Good Practices for the Distribution of Medicines for Human Use (GDP Good Distribution Practices) have a fundamental role in the quality of medicines and thermolabile that reach the European distribution network, Spanish, and finally the patient, customer or consumer. This quality has to be guaranteed, and for this, quality management systems are implemented following the guidelines of the European Commission, which depending on the role of each company or organization in the distribution chain, have a generic nature of their activities , or more specific and key, as is the case of Transportation. Whether the activity is properly drug distribution, subject to authorization, such as the case of companies or freelancers who provide transport services, or subcontracted services of another type, is very important, and in some cases mandatory to know and train in the GDP of medicines..

At ATEC+ID we have been working with both the Farma sector and the Transport sector for both consulting and training services, and we now offer this course to provide training support to both sectors and bring the different experiences that have come developing in the course of these first years of entry into force of the Guidelines.

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Course: GDP in Medicines Distribution

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Course: Good Distribution Practices of Medicines (GDP)