Submitted Tue, 12/18/2018 - 23:24
Control Panel & Chat

We show this new help system initially thought for facilities supervision and maintenance, that later also has applications for specific meetings, discussion or treatment of subjects subject to the valuation of a graph, etc. It is about being able to visualize a graph or monitoring, with checks of the ventilation system (for example), and in parallel, in real time, to be able to maintain a conversation between several people, through an interactive chat, which also allows to include new information , photography, etc. All this on PC, laptop, tablets or mobile, without restriction.

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There are multiple cases in which you can collaborate with several people, 

  • Monitoring in all industrial sectors where control parameters, see photos or images, video, etc., is relevant. In the example, temperature monitoring in pharma-chemical stores.
  • Have a monitoring with specific contacts to locate, or with whom to deal with any aspect, wherever they are.
  • Meeting on a shared graphic, by remote assistants, there is no need to travel.
  • Resolution of a problem, on the factory floor, with several people being able to collaborate from other places, since that monitoring could be replaced by a photo, a video, etc.
  • Quality inspections and claims: allows several people to address the assessment of quality problems, the inspection of elements, graphics assessments, etc.
  • ​Request advice from a provider
  • Get an expert to guide in the identification and/or a maintenance action.
  • Get an expert to value something and can talk online about it.

The use of the latest technology is not subject to incurring great costs, more if it is Open Source technologies, the real challenge lies in whether companies and professionals are prepared to take advantage of them, or what is the best way to use them. solutions of this type

  • Cost savings: it is evident, direct, immediate attention, without trips, from different locations, multiparticipant, without trips, etc.
  • Improved effectiveness: having several opinions or collaborations concurrently and simultaneously guarantees a better focus on meetings and discussions, especially when time is of the essence.
  • Improvement of efficiency: evident, use of less resources that do not add value, time, transfers, etc., better focus on Lean, Lean Manufacturing, Kaizen, Lean Six Sigma, Continuous Improvement, Problem Solving, etc.
  • Improved safety: informed and immediate decision making.
  • Support for compliance: it allows to ensure that the systems subject to normative-legal compliance are well controlled and their evaluation is correct.
  • Agile system: reinforces the introduction and adoption of agile and innovative systems, aligned in IoT and digital transformation.

There is a wide range of possibilities, do not doubt we can help you develop your solutions.


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Supervision and Maintenance Support with Remote Interaction